As the population of older adults grows, increasing numbers of older adults in three distinct categories might require the services of mental health, substance abuse, and aging systems in the future: (1) older adults with mental health conditions; (2) individuals who develop late-life mental health conditions; and (3) persons living with dementia and co-occurring treatable mental health conditions or substance abuse disorders. Aging, disabilities, and mental health network professionals are invited to watch the recordings of this webinar training series on behavioral health crisis management for older adults to strengthen knowledge and skills to meet the current and future needs of older adults with, or at risk of developing, mental illness. This training series emphasizes digital service delivery where digital is defined as any type of technology ranging from telephone, text messaging, smartphone apps, videoconference, videogames, and social media to virtual reality.


The Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Conference is ADvancing States’ annual national conference that brings together state, federal, and local policymakers as well as leaders who administer, manage, and deliver waiver and other HCBS programs. The purpose of the HCBS Conference is to share practices and policies that improve state systems delivering long-term services and supports (LTSS) for all ages and abilities.

The 2020 HCBS Conference was held virtually over two weeks, with two pre-conference intensives held in November: November 10 & 17; December 2-3; and December 8-10, 2020.

Conference attendees may enter their enrollment key to access all of the conference recordings and PowerPoint slides free of charge.

The 2020 ADvancing States Virtual Spring Meeting took place online, June 10-11th. Comprised of state aging and disabilities directors, Medicaid LTSS directors, federal officials, managed care organizations, and other key service delivery partners, participants joined us for 8 different virtual sessions focusing on: updates from CMS leadership; updates from ACL leadership; maximizing relationships with nursing facilities in times of crisis; partnering with health plans during emergencies; the challenges of integrating services for dual eligibles; how to best support family caregivers; providing services in rural settings; and lessons learned from COVID-19. This course includes access to all 8 archived session recordings with over 9 hours of content and the accompanying resources on each topic.

If you have an enrollment key, please enter it to access this course free of charge, which includes 8 individual sessions with over 9 hours of content. Otherwise, please note that this course charges $103.30 in order to access the materials.